Calls-to-Action You Can Use

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are a part of good marketing. They’re that subtle (or not-so-subtle) push for your audience to engage with you – in some manner.

They range from “Like this post” to “Get yours TODAY” – and you see them everywhere.

And you’re probably using them on your social media, in your blogs, and on those emails you send out regularly.

But, if you’re like me, you probably find yourself using the same ones over and over again…it’s normal. We’re all creatures of habit.

With that in mind, I put together a list of 40 CTAs you can use – not only for your benefit, but for mine, too!

To make it even easier, you can get a PDF copy for yourself by clicking here!

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The Don’ts of Gaining Followers

We’ve talked about the “dos” of gaining followers on social media. But what about the “don’ts”? Is anything truly off-limits when it comes to social media?

Well, the answer is…Yes.

There are some definite things you should not be doing!

  1. Not correcting mistakes. Yes, we all make them – and you can guarantee that immediately after you post something, you might occasionally find a spelling/grammar mistake. But, instead of letting it sit there as is – just fix it!
  2. Posting insensitive content. Ugh! The worst! Don’t do it!
  3. Posting to one platform only. There are SOOOOO many platforms out there! Find where “your people” are – and go to them! Don’t make them come looking for you!
  4. Not using hashtags. Hashtags allow people to discover you. Spend the time to find hashtags that work for your audience – and use them!
  5. Not posting regularly. You can’t gain followers if they don’t know when you’ll be posting. Sporadic posting is the death of engagement.
  6. Always posting “salesy” content. **Boo** Nobody wants to constantly be reminded to buy something or take advantage of a sale. Make sure your posts are adding value – and sales will come.
  7. Not engaging with your followers. When someone take the time to leave a comment – make sure you comment back (or at a minimum “like” their post). Remember: It’s S-O-C-I-A-L media!
  8. Buying followers. Yes, you can do this – but do you really want a bunch of followers who don’t care about what you’re sharing and aren’t your target audience? Nope! Plus, it can get you banned on many platforms. Don’t fall for this sleazy tactic to gain followers.
  9. Not sharing content from others. If you have people (clients/customers) who love what you do – and they’re sharing it on social media – you should be sharing it, too. UGC (user-generated content) is a fantastic way to showcase your expertise because it’s just so genuine! And don’t forget to look for partners on social media (complementary businesses) – so you can share each other’s content.
  10. Going it alone. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are BUSY! So, when you’re ready – get some help with tasks you can outsource or where you might not be an expert – like social media. This allows you to focus on the “money-making” side of your business – and leave other tasks for experts who can support you.

The next time you get ready to create content for your social media, keep these “don’ts” in mind. You and your followers will be much happier…and your community should continue to grow.

The Dos of Gaining Followers

You can say that it doesn’t matter to you, but deep down, you probably wish you had more followers for your business. Whether it be as a means of growing your business, interacting with others, or…if you’re entirely honest, because there’s a little bit of ego involved with having people follow you and be interested in what you are doing. 

Whatever your reasons, gaining followers is NOT easy…no matter what people tell you. 

It takes work.

But there are some things you can do to help – and here are a few tips!

  1. Create content people want

Yup, it’s that simple! Share the things your followers expect, want, and need! And they’ll keep coming back for more! Videos, posts, lives, stories…the choices are practically limitless in how you can go about it – but spend time creating good content.

  1. Post regularly

Have you ever been following someone and then they disappear on you? Big bummer! But if you post regularly – people will begin to count on you! And that’s good for everyone. (Don’t forget – posts can be scheduled! That’s why you create content in batches – so you always have it!)

  1. Include a CTA

The majority of your posts should include a CTA (call-to-action). Yes, I know that some people say that every post should include one – but it becomes a little bit of overkill in my opinion. (If you’re good with it – go for it, though!) CTA’s can be as simple as:

  • Give this post a like if you agree
  • Share this post with a friend who might be interested
  • Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts
  • Give me a call if I can help
  • What do you think?

None of these are big pushes to buy a million dollar program – they’re all just ways to get people engaged!

  1. Engage with everyone

There’s nothing worse that posting a comment to someone’s social media – and getting nothing in return. If people take the time to comment – comment back – or at the very least, like their comment. Social media needs to be S-O-C-I-A-L – and I think lots of people forget that.

  1. Follow people who might be interested in your social media

Don’t wait for people to find you – go looking for them! Use hashtags to find people who might be interested in what you’re sharing – and then go interact with them! 

  1. Partner up with people

Do you know of others who are doing work that complements what you’re doing? Reach out to them and see how you can help one another out. Partnering is a great way to gain followers and help other businesses owners. 

  1. Use your hashtags

If you’re on a platform where hashtags are relevant (i.e., Instagram) – USE THEM! Instagram allows for 30 hashtags – and you should be using them to find your followers. Do your research to find hashtags that are relevant (checking out your competition is a great way to do this) and get to hashtagging!

  1. Use multiple platforms

There are so many different social media platforms available – and you need to find which ones work for you and your followers. Investigate where your followers are hanging out – and put your content on those platforms for them to find.

Now, if you read this and thought, “Robin, this is not rocket science…” – YOU’RE RIGHT!

But it’s all things that take time and effort. And keep in mind that the results will not be seen overnight. It can take a WHILE…a long while…but keep at it. Because when you do grow your following, you can create a pretty special community that’s engaged with you and those who follow you.