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Calls-to-Action You Can Use

Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are a part of good marketing. They’re that subtle (or not-so-subtle) push for your audience to engage with you – in some manner. They range from “Like this post” to “Get yours TODAY” – and you see them everywhere. And you’re probably using them on your social media, in your blogs, and on […]

The Don’ts of Gaining Followers

We’ve talked about the “dos” of gaining followers on social media. But what about the “don’ts”? Is anything truly off-limits when it comes to social media? Well, the answer is…Yes. There are some definite things you should not be doing! Not correcting mistakes. Yes, we all make them – and you can guarantee that immediately […]

The Dos of Gaining Followers

You can say that it doesn’t matter to you, but deep down, you probably wish you had more followers for your business. Whether it be as a means of growing your business, interacting with others, or…if you’re entirely honest, because there’s a little bit of ego involved with having people follow you and be interested […]