Should I Choose a Niche?

What’s your niche?

Yes, if you’re an entrepreneur, everybody seems to recommend that you have a niche – an area where you put your primary focus.

And it works…for some people.

If you’re a coach, having a niche is important so you can deliver a message to your clients that fits with your values and beliefs – and allows you to attract clients who share similar values and beliefs, but need help getting to that next level.

But what about someone like me? Someone who writes blogs and helps create social media content? Do I need a niche?

I used to think so. And, originally, I was doing a lot of work with dentists and periodontists – and thought, “Yeah…this could be where I put my focus.”

But it doesn’t work for me.

If I’m completely honest, I don’t want to specialize.

I like doing research and learning new things.

I like challenging myself.

And I get bored easily.

So, I don’t have a niche.

Will I turn down clients if I don’t believe we’re a fit? 100% YES!

But will I limit myself and say no to a client because I may not know all that I need to know about their specific business or industry? Definitely not.

I know my limits – and I work within them – but I don’t limit myself (if that makes sense).

I work with coaches, marketing agencies, real estate agents, business operations consultants and…I LOVE IT! ALL OF IT!

I love the variety of subject matter and the different tasks that come my way.

I love interacting with new people and making new connections.

But what about you? Do you need or want to find a niche?

My suggestion is to spend some time working in your business – and then decide if niching is right for you.

Then ask yourself:

  • Is there an area of your work that you just love?
  • Is there a need for people who do what you do in this area?
  • Have you checked out the competition?

If it seems that all of those things point you in the direction of specializing – then go for it!

If not – keeping on doing what you’re doing!

Because only you can decide if a niche is right for you.

For some it works – and for others, not having a niche is what keeps them engaged and passionate about their work.

2 thoughts on “Should I Choose a Niche?

  1. Larissa

    Having just started my own travel business I have contemplated the same thing. Many people suggest specializing but right now I feel being a generalists is more advantageous until I build a better client base

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